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Mobile App Development

The number of available apps in the Apple app store have rapidly increased from just 800 in July of 2008 to 2.2 million in January of 2017. See the graphic below for a more detailed illustration of the rapid growth of mobile apps during the past decade.

With considerations to the astounding revenue generated through the Apple app store, it makes sense that businesses want to capitalize on this financial trend by offering their own app to engage customers and increase profitability. However, most of these same businesses face an array of obstacles preventing them from designing and developing apps.

Most outsourced options are either too expensive, or involve consultants / developers that take advantage of businesses owners by overcharging because of a lack of knowledge on behalf of business owners.  VujaDay will be transparent concerning expectations, costs, and the process involved in designing and developing apps.  We will also work to achieve maximum visibility of your app in the app store involving effective SEO practices.

Our process involves discovery, design, agile development, updates, metrics, and analytics. Our qualified experts will offer the latest mobile app features and functionality including Locations Services, API Integration, Payment Gateways, Video Streaming, and more. We also offer competitive prices and a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and creativity to help your company thrive in a competitive digital market.

For more on why small to medium businesses need to consider mobile apps as a part of their online strategy, check out the full infographic from Skilled.co.