Our Expertise

Website Design

Statistics prove that only a limited number of companies are effectively using websites and other digital resources toward substantial gains. You may be missing out on an opportunity to move beyond sustainability toward profitability! While many businesses opt to use social media as their primary digital communication tool because of the ease of access and use, they are diminishing their chances to maximize the value of a powerful, personalized space on the Web. When combined with a social media strategy, a customized website design can differentiate your company, while strengthening relationships with online customers. Whether you’re considering a new Website, or a re-designed Website, let VujaDay help you increase your leads, while letting your customers know that you care about them as you build your brand through a creative, innovative, and stylistic web design.

Our Process

The modern economic world is undergoing a paradigm shift from an industrial age that valued tangible objects and commodities, to an increasingly intellectually driven marketplace. Accordingly, human capital—the cognitive development of abilities to think creatively, generate ideas and innovate, are becoming the most valuable assets in this economy. This economic transition represents a transition from the industrial age, through the information age, to the currently emerging age of creativity.

The value of an engaging, powerful, and user friendly website is clear in today’s digital economy; however, most companies are unaware that the true value of Web presence is achieved SEO and digital marketing. Through our process, your online strategy will help you gain a competitive advantage by enabling simple customer communication, increased engagement, visitor conversions, connections to social media outlets, and more!

The following infographic created by BestWebHostingGeek highlights various statistics on the advantages of combining a Website with a digital marketing strategy to not only generate leads, but to convert site visitors to paying customers. VujaDay will help you re-evaluate your online efforts toward a comprehensive, engaging and profitable web presence.