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The #1 Team for Professional School Website Design & Development

We’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping charter, private, religious, and higher education schools build the perfect website. Moreover, we will work collaboratively with you to develop a new enrollment strategy that utilizes a website and marketing to capture the hearts of your future students and their families.

We Help Schools Big and Small Create the Perfect Digital Strategy

Web Design

The design of your school website is what catches the eye of prospective students and parents. A well-designed school website shows them what life is like at your school, academic offerings, school values, and more to get them excited about attending your academic institution. VujaDay Creative Digital Agency offers professional web design that makes it easy for students and parents to navigate your site.


We make sure that your site is optimized for SEO before your site launch to give you a head start on your marketing efforts. Accordingly, we will craft a strategy that puts your site ahead of your competitors for relevant google search results e.g. best independent school in Philadelphia, top technology school for high school students in Chicago, arts programs for elementary school, catholic school for high school girls, etc.

Web Development

Once your site is built, the VujaDay team will collaborate with you to execute your school’s action plan. We handle all integrations, plug-ins, and web features that your school needs to create an intuitive user experience for potential students as well as existing students, parents, faculty, and staff. The development team at VujaDay won’t just help you design the perfect website; we’ll help you bring that website to life.

Brand Strategy

Your school brand strategy is what establishes who you are and what makes your school stand out from the competition. Have you looked at your competitor’s website? 

Most school websites are exactly the same in terms of design and technical infrastructure because there are only a couple of agencies that every school uses. Unfortunately, every site has the same layout, and as a result, no schools are standing out to prospective students. 

Build your school’s brand strategy with the experts at VujaDay and get ready to develop a brand that engages families looking for a new school to send their children to.

Quality Assurance

Each of our websites is quality checked to ensure that we’re only bringing you the best work possible. We put our sites through a rigorous process that ensures you’re receiving a site that goes above and beyond your expectations and avoids downtime and technical issues. 

Unfortunately, what most schools do not know (and our competitors won’t tell you), is that nearly all of the existing school websites have failing grades for critical website optimization performance indicators.

Web Development

Brand Strategy

Quality Assurance


Raise Your School’s Enrollment

Our team helps you raise your school’s enrollment to new levels. With a website that’s designed to capture students’ attention while convincing parents to select your school, you’re already set up for bringing in more students than ever. Our sleek designs show off the prestige of your institution while giving students a glimpse into campus life.

Improve Your Marketing

Boost your marketing efforts with a website that makes you more visible. VujaDay makes sure that your site is built with SEO best practices in mind and all the integrations you need to be successful. We make sure that your site is designed to help you better market to prospective students and get to the #1 spot in relevant Google search results.

Online Parent-Student Portals

Give your parents and students easy access to school resources with online portals directly on your site. We have experience with all of the learning management and back-end systems that your school website requires for course content, online learning, grading, attendance, online payments/donations, and much more!

Increase Stakeholder ROI

Your constituents are part of what helps your school to be a success. Accordingly, you need to be able to show stakeholders including alumni, the board of directors, parents, and others that your institution is flourishing. The increased enrollment heightened brand awareness, and new applications brought about by a stunning school website design are guaranteed to increase your stakeholder’s ROI.

Why Choose VujaDay Creative Digital Agency?

Many digital marketing agencies are happy to put together a website, but not all of them offer the same competitive edge as VujaDay Creative Digital Agency. We stand out from the competition by offering you amazing advantages that other agencies can’t offer.

Lower Price Points

Part of what sets us apart is our low price points. From our experience in working with our competitors, we recognize that most school focused marketing agencies charge exorbitant rates for your website design and buildout. At VujaDay, we keep our prices as low as possible. Our mission is to provide your school with a sleek, modern website that gets you full functionality at the best possible price. 

Educational Background

We’re not just versed in the world of web design, marketing, and SEO. Our team has a strong understanding of the educational world. VujaDay founder, Dr. Vincent Day, has over 20 years of experience in education including an Ed.D in Education Leadership and Management as well as MS in Information Systems from Drexel University. His experience in the educational sector has enabled him to get insight into how schools work and how to successfully market them to students.

A Deep Understanding of SEO

Each of our developers has years of experience working in web design, technology, and search engine optimization strategies. We’re constantly researching and educating ourselves on the latest best practices for SEO, ensuring that your school website has a strong foundation to help your school get found online by prospective families. We’re a team that has a deep understanding of how to make your website succeed from both technical and digital marketing standpoints, giving your site an edge over your competitors.


It’s not just websites, marketing, and SEO that we care about. At VujaDay we value relationships, creativity, collaboration, and more. Our team ethos involves a deep respect and care for each and every one of our partners. That passion shows through in the way we partner with our clients. We’re here to support you anytime that you need us. You know that when you give the team at VujaDay a call, you’ll be greeted by a friendly and professional team member who’s ready to get your issues resolved.

Launch Your School's Website & Improve Marketing

Are you ready to transform the way your school brings in new students, connects with existing families, and supports its current students, parents, and faculty? It’s time to build a new foundation, get found online, and grow your school! Get in touch with us via phone, contact form, or email, and let’s get to work planning the perfect digital presence for your institution.