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If you own a small business in or around Philadelphia, SEO will help increase web traffic as well as a physical store’s foot traffic. Here are answers to your SEO questions along with the best SEO tools and strategies.

What is SEO?

If you own a business in or around Philadelphia, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be a digital investment you have considered to increase leads, generate new revenue, or build brand awareness. SEO is complicated so you may be asking yourself questions such as:

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Do I need SEO to drive web traffic to my site?
Do I need SEO to thrive in today’s digital economy?
Why is Search Engine Optimization So Expensive?

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions can be complicated. Here is perhaps the simplest definition we can offer to the first question: What is SEO?:

SEO is the process of increasing visibility in search engine results.

From a metaphorical perspective, SEO is used to draw visitors to websites, while usability is the glue that keeps visitors engaged with your website.

Why is SEO Important?

After you find the answer to the question what is SEO?; you may ask:

Why is SEO important?

Fundamentally, most people believe website aesthetics and functionality are the main factors involved in SEO rankings. Although these factors are highly important for the user experience, websites need a high SEO ranking to drive web traffic.

Before a site visitor determines whether they are going to remain on the site, they must first become aware that the site even exists. Unfortunately, many websites are difficult to find, or never found on the web because they are not visible to search engines ranking algorithms.

Types of SEO

A good content strategy involves having a blog and posting informative articles regularly. This is how potential customers/clients get to know you and the products you sell. The articles you post are designed to answer questions and solve problems that your customers are wrestling with. A paradigm shift has taken place in today’s digital world where they buyer’s journey looks something like this:

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO important?

You might be wondering:

  • Why are there different types of SEO?
  • What are the different types of SEO
  • What benefits do they offer me?

To achieve a high search ranking, SEO is used to optimize a website so it appears on page 1 of a Google search.

Who looks at page 2 anyway?

Google will tell you that most people don’t go beyond page 1, or more specifically, the top few results.

Largely, the SEO process improves website visibility to search engine algorithms. Upon searching the web, users obtain results for their specific search based on SERPs, which are categorized into 3 sections:


Organic SEO - Unpaid results that occupy the primary real estate of the SERP

Pay per click (PPC) - Paid results that occupy the the tops of the SERPs

Local SEO - Google 3 Pack occupies the top of SERPs directly below paid ads.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

After learning about what SEO is and what it can do for your small business, you have to start thinking about how much you’re willing to invest to see results.

Most small business owners are unclear on what SEO is, so expecting you know which form to invest in is unfair.

Here are a few important considerations as you make this decision:

Do you want new leads?

  • If so, how many per month?
  • How much is each lead worth to your business?

Do you want to increase revenue?

  • If you want to earn more money—how much?

Return on investment (ROI) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) become important considerations once you figure out your goals.

As such, how much are you willing to spend to reach these goals?

How much will each new client bring you over the lifetime of your contract?

Depending on what you can afford, the size of your website, and the amount of content you’re generating, you might expect to devote anywhere between 5 and 50 hours per month to your SEO efforts. Based on the going rates of most digital marketing agencies, this could cost anywhere between $500 and $10,000 per month.

To learn more about costs associated with SEO and the difference between organic seo and local seo, check out Local SEO, Organic SEO, or PPC: Which Should I Use?

What Are the Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses?

If you are trying to get the most out of your marketing, one of the most important steps you can take is to work with search engine optimization (SEO) experts. Working with professionals will allow you to concentrate on what you do best—offer an amazing product or service.

Finding a local SEO agency with a proven track record for results, will help you improve and increase your company’s brand recognition to the fullest.

But what are the best SEO tools for your small business?

Consider the points below and don’t hesitate to reach out to Philadelphia SEO professionals that can assist you.

Getting the Most of Your Search Engine Optimization

To get the best results from your search engine optimization efforts, you’ll need to use the right tools for the job. Consider these tips as you ramp up your SEO efforts:

1. Figure Out Which Strategy Makes The Most Sense

Without question, learning more about SEO and how it works will be the best step you can take. In this regard, looking into local SEO strategies will be a must.

Do you want to rank in more than just the local map? If so, you need to consider an organic strategy.

If you need to increase leads and / or revenue in a short period of time, then you might consider a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy.

If budget allows it, you may consider a comprehensive strategy composed of all three! If you’re in or around Philadelphia, you will need to use keywords that people familiar with the Philadelphia area would search for. By taking the time to research and employ the right strategies, you’ll get better results from your SEO efforts.

2. Produce Content Frequently

Along with content marketing, video is one of the most important SEO tools that you can have at your disposal right now that many of your competitors are not using. There are several video content trends you should be aware of when you are trying to improve the standing of your small business.

Be sure that you are using the highest quality camera that you can find, in addition to sound equipment that will make your voice heard.

3. Learn All of the Best Keywords to Use

Your small business will thrive when you learn to use the best keywords. Keyword research is a science in and of itself—using tools including SEMRush, and Ahrefs will help you to find the keywords that people are searching related to your product or service.

People are online asking questions about what you’re selling. Build out your keyword research strategy to ensure your business is one of the first to appear with answers to your customers questions.

An often overlooked component to SEO is Domain Authority (DA). Utilize the aforementioned tools that will let you know the Page Authority (PA) of your small business’ website.

4. Take Out Search Results Ads

Google search engine results pages (SERP) are one of the greatest sources of marketing potential. If you purchase ads that are programmed to show up on those pages, based on what people are searching for, it will allow you to increase your visibility and get more conversions for your small business.

Be sure that the ads are well-designed and able to reach your target market.

5. Consult With an SEO Professional

Finally, the absolute best tool you can have on your side is the assistance of a qualified SEO professional. Touch base with a few different search engine optimization firms and ask them what kind of strategy they can put together for you.

For best results, you should hire an SEO pro that is also familiar with the Philadelphia area so that your business can get the best results.

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