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Your website’s design could impact how many online sales you receive. If you’re looking for a Philadelphia web design agency, read these 5 tips!

5 Tips for Finding the Best Web Design Agency

On the surface, some web design agencies may seem more affordable than others. Regardless of price, if their work doesn’t draw and keep an audience on your website, it’s useless. Likewise, you may have tried a DIY website design and found out quickly that it takes more time and skill then you’d imagined.

You know you need to work with a professional. But do you know what to look for to ensure you hire the best web design agency for your project?

The bottom line is that your website’s design could impact your online sales. If you’re searching for a Philadelphia web design agency we’ve put together 5 tips so you’re prepared to find the best web design services available to you.

1. Know Your Website’s Purpose

Can you convey your company’s mission and values to a website design agency? Knowing what your brand stands for and its personality will inform the choices you make in its design as well as the content.

Furthermore, knowing your brand will help you determine the website’s purpose. Are you searching for freelance web designers who create eCommerce sites to drive sales? Or, do you need a website that’s geared toward branding, building trust, and growing an audience that you can convert into leads?

2. Research Competitors Websites

Determine which companies are your top three competitors and make a list of the things that you think work about those websites. Having a picture in mind of the kind of website you’re drawn to will give you a better idea of how to express your thoughts to the web design agency you choose.

3. Look at Designer Portfolios

One of the best ways to determine if you’ll like a freelance web designer’s work is to check out their portfolio before you decide to get a quote. Are they producing the kind of site you need? Does their portfolio include other businesses in your industry?

4. Set a Realistic Budget

Informational, brochure-type websites and eCommerce websites vary in content and the number of pages the designer needs to create. Set a realistic budget based on the number of pages, content, if it’s an eCommerce site, coding, hosting, and how much you can do yourself. You can use this handy Website Cost Calculator as a guide.

5. Philadelphia Web Design: Collaboration is Key

One of the most important things to look for in a Philadelphia web design agency is a partner that you can collaborate with to realize your vision. It’s essential that you be able to voice what you want and that they listen and provide solutions. Make sure you’re on the same page by preparing ahead of time with questions that will help you determine if it will be a good partnership.

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Now when you’re searching for a web designer near me, you know what to look for before you sign the contract. When it comes to web design in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, check out VujaDay Creative Digital Agency. We provide web design services and more.

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