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Digital Marketing

As technology has increasingly become a part of people’s daily routine, digitization has started to shape the way businesses and consumers interact with each other. Most notably, social media has had a transformational impact on business relationships, as consumers are gradually spending more time engaging in online dialogue, shopping, communicating with friends, and searching for information on various social media platforms. Consequently, digital marketing and social media offer potential for small businesses to connect with existing customers while attracting potential new business in a more digitized and efficient fashion.

Digital marketing can be intimidating for business owners. If you’re not a digital native, or if technology is not something you grew up with, it can be overwhelming. Two main reasons preventing businesses from partaking in this digital paradigm shift include: COST and INEXPERIENCE with technology. VujaDay will work with you toward a comprehensive plan for your business to begin leveraging digital resources as a marketing tool toward increased growth, profitability, and a competitive advantage.

Measuring Results

As small businesses continue to invest increasing amounts of time and money on digital marketing, measuring the success of such investments has become critical in determining the effect of such campaigns on the success of their business. As budgeting is an obvious constraint for all businesses owners and executives with regards to spending on digital marketing, organizations want to know what they are spending money on, and what sort of return on investment (ROI) can be expected.

VujaDay will develop a plan to utilize data metrics with insights into ROI. While dozens of digital metrics are currently available, employing a generic metric without considerations to alignment with organizational goals will result in empty conclusions that do not reflect the true value of the marketing tool. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, the 3 Must-Measure Inbound Marketing Metrics That Matter to Every Business include:

  • Conversion rates
  • Site Traffic
  • Engagement metrics

Furthermore, the most important questions business owners need to ask themselves are:

  • How engaged are people (customers, fans and prospects) with my brand?
  • How many people are taking the action I want them to take?
  • Is my organic traffic improving?
  • Are high authority sites linking to my site/who’s talking about my brand?
  • Am I getting the best and most relevant results with the time and resources my team is investing?

Let VujaDay design and implement a digital marketing strategy that will create new relationships, engage users, improve overall performance, and help you earn profits.  Then allow us to monitor and show you and your stakeholders results that exceed expectations.