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Do you want to drive traffic to your website?

If you want people to buy what you’re selling, the answer is YES!

Consider this…

You’re a business owner or you offer a service that people need and/or want. Given the digital age that we live in, what you’re selling would most certainly benefit from a website. Take a look Web Presence for Small Business: Overwhelmed and Left in the Dust to learn more about the benefits of cultivating a strong web presence.

Once you have a website, an important question you have to ask yourself or whomever handles your site is:

How do I drive traffic to my website?

Do people even know that my website exists?

If a tree falls in a forest…and no one is around to hear it…does it make a sound?

Similarly, if you have a website…and nobody visits….does it actually exist?

At VujaDay Creative Digital Agency, I am always thrilled when someone asks me how they can drive traffic to their website. This tells me that they’re not solely concerned with the new shiny object—the website. They’re not trying to simply check a box by saying they have a website.

After all, what is the point of investing in a new website, if nobody visits?

In the post Web Design Deceit: Is Your Website Optimized, we discussed the importance and benefits of an elegantly designed, fully optimized website. Now, I’d like to focus on how to drive web traffic to your website.

The two proven, most effective ways to drive traffic to your website include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Digital Marketing

Using SEO to increase web traffic

Many business owners have heard of SEO. However, given the ambiguity of the concept, most don’t quite understand what it means, what it can do for your business, or how it can drive traffic to your website.

This makes complete sense, because…why would you?

If you’re a photographer, dentist, restaurant owner, salon owner, physical therapist, accountant, or any type of business owner, you’re an expert in your industry. You either have no desire or no time to become a web designer, digital marketer, or SEO expert.

Similarly, if your tooth is hurting, I certainly won’t tell you to come to my house so I can fill a cavity.

Nor would I offer my photography services for your upcoming wedding because I take photos on my iPhone….

Each of these scenarios involved situations where I would find an expert. Likewise, you’re concerned with learning how to drive traffic to your website, so let VujaDay Creative Digital Agency help you formulate a strategy to make your website visible.

So, how do you get started with SEO?

We will follow this post up with an explanation of what SEO is, the various types of SEO, how much SEO costs, and how to formulate an SEO strategy that works for you!