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Content Marketing

The Importance of a Content Marketing Consultant

By February 17, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

content marketing consultant6 million new blog posts are published every day. This is one example of how the internet has become an increasingly competitive space. Yet content marketing has emerged as a life raft for businesses across many industries.

But what exactly is content marketing? And what are the different benefits of publishing content to a business’s online platforms on a regular basis?

In this article, we’ll discuss the essentials of content marketing. We’ll also explore why hiring a content marketing consultant is the best approach for small businesses.

What Is Content Marketing?

Let’s start by explaining the form and purpose of content marketing. Many business owners conflate copywriting and content marketing. Both can appear as blog posts and also within social media and email campaigns.

But, there is an important distinction. Content marketing differs from copywriting in its intention.

Content marketing aims to provide real value or even entertainment to the audience. On the other hand, copywriting serves to promote a business and has a more sales-like tone. That isn’t to say that content marketing doesn’t also generate sales, which we will cover later on. 

Content marketing should answer the specific questions that relate to that business’s field. It should foresee the dilemmas that its customers will often have. The person reading the content should believe that the business truly wants to share their knowledge and expertise.

Online content should leave the reader feeling better informed on an issue. They should feel safe in the knowledge that they have been advised by a reliable source.

When discussing content marketing, this refers to videos as well as blog posts. Regardless of the format, this content should be evergreen, meaning that it will be relevant to potential customers in the long run. For example, let’s imagine a business that sells organic fertilizer. Their website could feature blog posts explaining how organic fertilizer should be used. The differences between organic and chemical fertilizers, and what the benefits are could also be covered.

These are all key questions that someone in the market for fertilizer might be considering. They will act as long-term content for the business’s website and help boost its search engine rankings.

What Are the Advantages of Content Marketing?

Content marketing has far-reaching benefits for businesses. First, there is a close relationship between search engine rankings and a company’s online content marketing. Long-form content (2000 words or more) boosts SEO performance, thus increasing the visibility of a website.

Having this library of useful content on a business’s website gives the impression of an experienced and credible brand. It encourages potential customers that they are making an informed decision by choosing that business.

By predicting and answering the concerns of potential customers, content marketing directs users to a business’s website that they might not have come across before. Having been informed and educated by the website’s content, the visitor is now more likely to become a customer.

Content marketing is also useful because it serves as material for social media and email campaigns. Businesses can direct their followers to new content. Thus they increase website visits and gain greater brand authority. 

There is no limit to the influence of great content for business marketing. Articles that are useful and well-written will be shared privately and on social media by those who have found them helpful. It is an organic means of promotion and increasing brand exposure.

Finally, there are significant long-term benefits of engaging with content marketing. The investment required to create regular digital content is reaped for a long time to come. This is thanks to the consequences on SEO and the ongoing resources available for website visitors.

Why Is Hiring a Content Marketing Consultant Beneficial?

It is possible that small business owners will doubt the necessity of employing a content marketing specialist to manage their needs. It is indeed possible for business owners to execute their own content marketing strategies. However, hiring an external consultant is a more efficient and straightforward choice.

By entrusting content marketing to an expert, such as the team here at VujaDay, businesses can benefit from the wealth of experience that we have. Digital marketing campaigns often begin with a trial and error phase. But this can be bypassed thanks to the consultant’s insights.

A creative digital agency will be able to incorporate the content marketing stream into a business’s wider digital marketing campaign. This ensures that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Hiring a consultant to manage content marketing alongside SEO, social media marketing, and the other strands of an online marketing strategy results in cohesion and better results.

What’s more, marketing experts can foresee trends and skillfully adapt content to fit market patterns. For example, by tailoring a marketing plan to the Covid-19 pandemic. They will also be able to analyze the key metrics relating to the digital marketing campaign. These can be used to continually optimize future strategies.

Finally, by enlisting a marketing consultant to execute the digital campaign, small business owners can dedicate their limited time to other key areas of business growth and development.

Kick Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign Today

We’ve now introduced the basics of content marketing and outlined how it is crucial for a business’s success. It’s time to put this knowledge in place. Hiring a content marketing consultant is the most effective way to reach your business’s potential. When it comes to establishing a digital presence, and ultimately, generating sales, this is the best option.

Get in touch with our team at VujaDay today to find out more about how we can use our expertise to launch your business’s digital marketing strategy.