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What Is the Difference Between Dream and Vision?

By November 10, 2020November 20th, 2023No Comments

difference between dream and vision

What is the key difference between a dream and a vision?

What are dreams, if not goals made real?

We aim for entrepreneurial success by transforming a visionary into a leader, making dreams a reality.

Use our leadership guide to direct your passion for real success. We will help you define the differences between dreams and visions, making them into real business goals.

How Dreams Transform into Actionable Vision for Entrepreneurial Success

Understanding the difference between dream and vision requires three things: responsibility, mindset, and passion. Cultivating these assets requires concrete skills and self-discipline to build habits. These traits serve as pillars of entrepreneurial success.


Entrepreneurial success begins with taking responsibility for our actions. Recognizing our part in our successes and failures defines the results of our actions. Accordingly, if we avoid claiming responsibility, how can we discover accountability?

Avoiding responsibility denies us the opportunity to learn from failure. It also denies our chances of celebrating dreams we successfully transform into vision. Claiming responsibility allows us to improve and truly understand the difference between dream and vision for our business goals.

Responsibility functions alongside mindset and passion for forming leadership skills and growing one’s vision into actionable goals. Without responsibility, gathering the discipline for a strong mindset or the motivation to maintain one’s passion becomes impossible.


What are dreams but a mindset formed into less abstract ideas?

The right mindset helps us approach the dream vs. vision battle with clarity. There exist two types of mindset that greatly impact our dreams and ability to transform them into reality.

A Fixed mindset stunts the ability to plan or take responsibility in any positive way. Its negative rigidity limits entrepreneurial success with a singular emphasis on fault and shortcoming. It transforms dreams into nightmares.

A growth mindset does the opposite. It positively directs responsibility, changing failure, and challenges into learning opportunities. This mindset’s transformative power allows us to capitalize on our abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Without the ability to see past our own mistakes, our dreams often die. A growth mindset allows us to see the difference between dream and vision. It allows us to use our passion to make our vision real and possible.


Passion serves as another key trait for entrepreneurial success. Honed by responsibility and mindset, passion remains a source for dreams. Passion requires these other traits to change dreams into actionable vision.

Unguided passion leads to a fixed mindset. It creates poor discipline and weak habits. Without this structure, passion, and the motivation it generates, fade.

Passion cannot be overlooked for any business visionary. Instead, we must cultivate our passion with intention. Any business goals we desire to achieve require passion as a starting point, but need a strong mindset and responsibility to follow through.

Essential Approaches for Any Business Visionary With a Dream

Even with the traits to make dreams a reality, accomplishing our business goals does not occur overnight. Instead, we take logical steps to achieve this reality. We identify strategies that allow us to use the identified entrepreneurial traits above.


Developing a strategy allows the outlining of vision. Anchored visions provide clarity and purpose. They transform dreams from a mere idea into actionable vision.

Different elements comprise a strategy, especially when considering the vision statement. Visions centered around organizational success require strong leadership skills. Any leader or founder must solidify this vision well before developing a strategy.

Defining this strategy relies on the core values of the business visionary. These values combine traits of entrepreneurial success with the initial dream. These values must then fuel the purpose.

Why do our values inform our purpose? Our passions stem from our values, determining how we take action to actualize them. This actualization is our purpose, no matter our vision.

When crafting a vision statement, whatever a brand or business leader promises needs an actionable strategy. Without a strange, even the strongest vision remains unaccomplished.

Goal Setting

Achieving entrepreneurial success means setting goals. These goals serve as pillars of a strategic vision. Setting business goals allows the vision to become a reality.

Ideally, goal setting happens using the SMART goal framework. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. These goals provide action steps for better planning.

Planning out business goals is a key difference between dream and vision. Dreams go unplanned and remain unreal. Visions are real ideas with concrete applications.

Specific goals narrow visions, making them more achievable. Achievable goals use a reasonable timeframe to maintain passion and mindset. Goals need an end-date to remain possible.

Without an end-date, goals lose relevance. No timeline means no way to measure progress towards success. Without measuring this progress, how can we be certain our vision will happen?

We Grasp the Difference Between Dream and Vision

Transforming dreams into visions requires many valuable skills. As a business visionary, passion drives this transformation. Our ability to harness this passion depends on the resources available.

Even with the definitive traits of entrepreneurial success, what is the difference between dream and vision if not upon? We rely on invaluable tools to change our dreams into vision. But we must use the right tools to actualize our transformed vision.

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