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6 Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

By September 15, 2020November 20th, 20232 Comments

marketing mistakesServices and products don’t typically move unless you’ve done your due diligence to get them in the presence of prospects. Marketing is the name of this game, and in today’s world, knowing how to navigate the online space as a business owner will heavily determine whether you’re dominating this game or not.

Working within your business’ budget is always a priority. However, when it comes to one of the most important factors in increasing your revenue potential, you may want to reconsider DIYing your marketing.

If this isn’t a possibility at the moment, then the next best thing is to take some expert advice on how to avoid making marketing mistakes that can be detrimental to your brand. Check out 6 of mishaps you don’t want to run into when it comes to marketing your business.

1. Being Unaware of Your Audience/Ideal Client

Businesses that want to drive their audience’s behaviors need to avoid being unclear on who they’re actually talking to. Being able to attract the right target customer to your offer all starts with you actually being able to envision the details of that person.

Building a persona your ideal client is one of the first steps you can take to buckle down on making sure your message is directed to the right ears (which captures the right eyes). Research beyond the basics of age, occupation, and location. Figure out the psychodynamic qualities of the people you’re looking for.

Get the full scope on how your perfect prospect thinks, behaviors, and operates by performing adequate market research.

2. Not Researching Properly or Sufficiently

Expecting to speak clearly and concisely to an audience without knowing what they want to hear is a common fault for many business owners. Avoid getting caught up in the bad habit of believing your audience wants a particular thing when they actually want something entirely different. Before you start to formulate a marketing campaign, engage in proper market research that provides you with the information needed to reach and persuade your audience.

Market research should give you a clear picture of the type of person that would need your offer. It should also tell you what their pain points are and why they would need your solution in the first place. Gather enough details to help you “predict” how your target will (or should) respond then monitor the reactions.

Competitor analysis is also a significant portion of market research. It’ll assist you with components, such as current market price points, advertising gaps, etc.

3. Lacking Clarity in Brand/Message

Even if you have the absolute perfect answer to someone’s issues, they’ll never know this if you haven’t articulated that well in your marketing. Having a solid brand means that a prospect can easily recognize your business each time they encounter it (whether it be on Facebook or YouTube). If this isn’t the case then there’s a disconnect somewhere in your branding and it’s possible that it’s affecting your sales and conversions.

Evaluate all the elements of your brand to make sure that there is consistency and clarity in your messaging. Also, take note of how these elements translate across various platforms. You can gauge how well things like aesthetics or copy perform by getting feedback from others.

4. Misusing Ads

One of the most basic marketing mistakes a marketer can make when engaging in digital marketing is to use ads incorrectly. Depending on what your offer is, you’ll see better outcomes by using a format that’s proven for that particular thing.

For instance, a coach selling seats to their webinar might require long-form storytelling styled copy and a personable photo to grab audience attention. On the other hand, an e-commerce store selling camping gear probably would do better with shorter, punchier copy and product photos. Pay attention to which ad structures perform well in your industry and start with that as a template.

Another thing to keep in mind is use of retargeting ads to recapture visitors that didn’t convert the first time. Creating a retargeting campaign is a simple and effective way to increase revenue from your marketing.

5. Neglecting Social Media

In a social media-driven world, one of the worst marketing mistakes you can make is to not have a social media strategy or to neglect it altogether. Here’s the thing- you do not need to utilize every single platform. But you should have at least one or two picked out for marketing to your audience.

Each social media platform is a tool that has a specific “personality”, attracts a particular audience and requires certain actions to leverage it properly. To build an audience, expect to be professional on LinkedIn, witty on Twitter and aesthetically pleasing or entertaining on Instagram. Of course, there are nuances to each but they do tend to live up to their stereotypes in general.

6. Inconsistent Execution

Customers buy when they feel confident in your products and services. This happens after they’ve been able to do their own research on your company on multiple occasions. But being inconsistent in your marketing efforts doesn’t really give them the opportunity to do so.

Having consistency may sound cliché but the main reason why it’s important is due to one thing that can greatly impact your sales. Trust is the bridge between your business and your customers. It builds the connection needed to make a purchase happen.

Focus on building more trust by showing up with your digital marketing as often as your audience needs you to. Do what you say you’re going to do and keep your promises to your people.

Don’t Let These Market Mistakes Takeover Your Business

Developing a cohesive marketing plan can seem like a lot but it’ll also help you to weed out the marketing mistakes that may be killing your brand. Invite more leads, conversions, and sales into your business by reviewing your current efforts and making necessary changes.

We’ve seen plenty of these types of mistakes made and witnessed businesses become stuck when it comes to finding solutions. If you need help with marketing your company the right way, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.


  • These days there are less chances of getting away with making mistakes in marketing than there used to be. But this is a good thing, as it has forced marketers to be more conscious of the decisions they make and as well as the actions they take.

  • I agree with the above point you have mentioned here. The major mistake people are doing is not promoting their brand. Branding is an essential part of the business. I used social media and digital business for branding and networking purpose.