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How This Philadelphia SEO Company Can Boost Your Business

By August 3, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

philadelphia seo companyConsumers are driven by necessity, curiosity, and immediacy, generating sales in a few short clicks.

Search engines facilitate valuable buyers’ journeys. Consequently, 61% of marketers agree that SEO is a top priority for inbound campaigns.

With more than 4 million new businesses launched in 2020 alone, SEO conversion rate optimization is crucial for scoring first-page results.

Still, DIY SEO isn’t enough to beat such fierce competition.

Learn why Philly’s small business community trusts our top-rated Philadelphia SEO Company.

We Understand the Buyer’s Journey

One of the pillars of inbound marketing is the consumer decision-making process, commonly known as the buyer’s journey. Every customer follows a series of steps, ultimately resulting in a conversion.

Conversions include:

  • In-store visits and purchases
  • Online sales
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Website visits
  • Downloads
  • Phone calls

Similar to brick-and-mortar experiences, some internet users know precisely what they want, while others need more time. Thus, small businesses require robust SEO strategies to engage leads at every stage.

Fortunately, we welcome the SEO challenge!

Where Content Meets SEO

Buyers’ journeys reinforce the fundamental relationship between SEO and content marketing.

Since the majority of user journeys start with Google, first-rate content is essential for grabbing prospects’ interest in search. Stellar content speaks to customers’ thirst for trustworthy information, leading them through the decision-making process confidently.

Content strategies include:

  • Blogging
  • Landing page content
  • Whitepapers
  • Guides and tutorials
  • Articles
  • How-to videos
  • Web copy
  • PPC ad content
  • Social media posts

Despite its high quality, inbound content will never reach users’ eyes without strategic SEO methods.

We Ask the Right Questions

Our process starts by uncovering customers’ questions, leveraging powerful SEO tools to extract valuable search data.

For example, a Philly resident curious about tax services may begin their search with simple tax questions. With this valuable data, we can build an SEO brand awareness campaign around problems and answers.

What if another resident needs tax services right now?

Our experts can implement click-to-call PPC campaigns that rank above organic search results, attracting users ready to take action.

We also understand that customers ask multiple questions, prompting the need for consistent, updated content.

We’ve narrowed this digital behavior down to a few simple steps:

  1. A user Googles a problem and discovers the answer on your website
  2. The same person asks another question, landing on your site again
  3. The user comes back to your site on their own accord for more content
  4. They discover your social media content and start following your pages
  5. The web visitor returns to read another blog post
  6. The initial user visits again, eventually leading to a purchase

Content consistency strengthens brand recognition and customer trust. At VujaDay, we produce a range of optimized content that inspires local and online loyalty.

Build Authority and Credibility

Customers trust authoritative voices, but do they believe in your content?

Suppose you run a small tech startup. You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Elon Musk to earn the trust of technology consumers. We’ll craft an SEO content strategy rich with long-form articles, reliable industry sources, first-hand knowledge, and citations.

We’re not only catering to readers but Google’s own algorithms.

Google’s algorithm updates are driven by quality control. For example, the company’s infamous 2011 Panda update penalized websites with poor content quality, sending top-ranked sites tumbling down SERPs. One year later, Google unleashed its Penguin update, punishing websites practicing keyword stuffing and spammy link building.

Every Philadelphia SEO company must follow every algorithm change closely, adjusting strategies quickly when necessary.

We follow Google’s own E-A-T formula to ensure “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness” in our content. Google’s web raters and search algorithms score content based on these parameters, impacting your ranking. This formula also applies to your web design, another cornerstone of SEO strategy.

Search-Friendly Web Design

Every organic search result, Twitter link, and PPC click leads directly to your site. We ensure your website is optimized with more than just keywords.

For example, web performance is a vital part of SEO strategy. Visitors only give URLs a few seconds to load until they’re on to the next. Thus, site speed is both a web design and SEO necessity.

Downtime is another web performance problem that impacts rankings, proving the SEO benefit of reliable web hosting and monitoring.

Google even considers site speed as a ranking factor. Other official ranking factors include:

  • Web quality
  • Internal link building
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headers and titles
  • Relevant keyword targeting
  • Image alt-text optimization
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • URL structure

Our web designers further optimize web code with the latest technical SEO methods, including 404 redirects, structured data, and optimized XML maps.

Optimized User Experiences

A beautiful website is only surface deep. What experience is the website providing? This question is pertinent to search engine optimization.

Known as UX, user experience design streamlines visitor experiences through several elements, including mobile design. Mobile responsiveness is a critical ranking factor and customer need. Plus, click-to-call Adwords ads let visitors call your business directly from your URL.

Easy site navigation is another hallmark of SEO-driven UX, decreasing bounce rates while also boosting click-through rates. Useful, findable information, website accessibility, and site credibility also improve user experiences.

Exceptional UX design increases visitor engagement, driving your website up the ranks with every click, share, and sale.

Become a Fixture in Your Community

Small businesses help drive local culture, and we love using local SEO strategies to build inroads into the community.

We use a strategic combination of the following methods to grow local visibility:

Thinking locally is an excellent way to define your website’s purpose. Share your local story too. Customers instantly connect with compelling stories.

Reimagine Search With Our Philadelphia SEO Company

You’re an important part of Philly’s vibrant small business community. Partner with a Philadelphia SEO company you can trust.

We’re creative problem-solvers, passionate about the intersection of web design and SEO. Visit our blog to learn more about digital strategy, or reach out today to build your authority online.