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How to Improve PPC Performance

By June 30, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

How to Improve PPC PerformanceWhen managed correctly, a PPC campaign drives on-site conversions and yields an excellent ROI. Yet businesses often struggle to master the basics. Thus, they become disillusioned with PPC as a profitable advertising stream.

To remedy this, we’ve compiled some essential tips for how to improve PPC performance. We’ll talk you through the key mistakes to avoid, and some PPC best practices for optimizing your campaign.

Read on to discover how to master PPC advertising.

What Is PPC?

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what PPC ads are. We’ll also discuss how they differ from other search results, and why they’re a beneficial tool for small businesses. PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising lets businesses bid on the search terms they want to be associated with.

As the name suggests, businesses are only charged by advertisers (such as Google) when a browser navigates to their website by clicking on the ad. Consequently, it is a profitable form of advertising as all fees correspond directly to web traffic.

PPC ads sit at the top of the search results page and tend to fall within the realm of SEO services. They often show the business’s telephone number next to their URL and feature a discrete “Ad” label.

Finally, there are various reasons why PPC ads are advantageous for local businesses. Due to the keywords selected, the people clicking on ads tend to be in-market and ready to purchase an item or service. Leads generated by PPC ads are ordinarily of higher quality than an average website visitor.

What Are Common Mistakes Made by Businesses?

However, a frequent reason for poor-performing PPC campaigns is a lack of preparation. There are several crucial elements to a successful PPC campaign, yet, keyword research and a well-organized structure are commonly overlooked.

Thus, the first step is determining which keywords have the winning combination of high volume but low bid prices. A digital marketing agency such as VujaDay can execute this process thanks to our expertise in managing PPC campaigns for a wide range of clients.

Moreover, a second mistake that we notice often is businesses that focus on creating compelling ads but neglect their landing pages. Accordingly, professional and engaging web design cannot be forgotten when discussing PPC ads. There is a bigger picture beyond increasing web traffic.

Once potential customers reach your site, they then need to be encouraged further along the sales funnel. Businesses can do this with an attractive website and a clear call to action.


At VujaDay, we can take care of all digital advertising needs. From web design and PPC, to social media and content marketing, small businesses can leave it to us.

PPC Best Practices

Now we can turn to some crucial pointers to follow when creating a PPC campaign. These are steps every business should know about to maximize the success of their ads.

First, take care of your negative keywords. These are a way of excluding ads from appearing when certain phrases or words are in a search term. Consequently, there’s no need to waste money on website visitors who are searching for a service not provided.

For example, a yacht rental company might add “buy a yacht” and “selling yachts” to their negative keyword list. These terms are similar to their services but not relevant.

Next, another way to improve PPC performance is by continually monitoring results. Managing a digital marketing budget is about tracking the performance of different keywords. Increase the bids on terms with high conversion rates. Meanwhile, pause keywords that have low search volumes, or high click-through rates but low conversion rates. 

Last, remember the importance of testing. A/B testing is the best way to find out which copy, calls to action, landing pages, and other variables obtain the highest success rate.

Ordinarily, business owners lack sufficient time to optimize their PPC ads, nor the budget to hire a dedicated marketing officer. This is where a digital marketing agency can play a useful role.

By choosing VujaDay to take care of their company’s digital marketing needs, business owners can exploit the know-how of our team, while focusing on running their business.

How Can You Budget for PPC Campaigns?

There are several different fee structures available to allow for greater flexibility. Performance-based PPC, fixed-price contracts, and percentage of ad spend fee structures are some common options.

The cost of a PPC campaign, and an agency’s digital marketing services will vary depending on how much a business is willing to invest and how much they value new leads. Research suggests that PPC ads provide an ROI of $2 for every $1 spent, but often this is much higher.

Smaller businesses can spend as much as $9,000 per month on PPC ads, notwithstanding developing a successful campaign structure that provides a dependable ROI. It’s worth researching how much similar-sized businesses in the same industry are spending to estimate your PPC budget.

One of the reasons why businesses are willing to invest so much in their campaigns is due to the trustworthiness of pay-for-performance PPC agencies. Moreover, owing to the extensive time and skills needed to run a PPC campaign, it’s wise to entrust this project to a talented agency that can deliver results.

That’s How to Improve PPC Performance

By following our PPC best practices and avoiding common errors, it’s possible to build an effective ad campaign resulting in valuable lead generation. One of the best ways to ensure your PPC campaign reaches its potential is by utilizing the experience of marketing professionals.

For advice on how to improve PPC performance that is specific to your business, contact VujaDay today. We’ll talk you through the different options for assisting you with your campaign and help you to create a custom strategy for your SEO.