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How To Build a Brand on Instagram

By September 4, 2020November 20th, 2023One Comment

how to build a brand on instagram

Are you thinking about building your brand on Instagram but aren’t sure how? Did you know that Instagram is the most used social media site?

In this article, learn how to build a brand on Instagram. No matter your brand, Instagram has a large audience that you can break into. Read on to discover why you’ll want to build a brand on Instagram, and how to market it to your target audience.

1. Defining Goals

Before beginning Instagram marketing, it’s important to define and understand your goals. What’s the goal of marketing on Instagram for you?

Some join Instagram to:

  • Improve KPI
  • Grow their community
  • Connect with customers
  • Increase blog traffic
  • Increase social media impressions
  • Spread brand awareness

Once you define your goals, it’s time to focus on your theme. On Instagram, you’ll come across many different themes. For example, a travel theme will stick to travel pictures, nutrition will stick to healthy eating, etc.

When you’re first starting out and using Instagram marketing services, stick to your theme before branching out. If you’re not sure what to post, look for companies with a similar theme.

2. Build Your Following

When you’re wondering how to market on Instagram, you’ll want to first build your followers. While checking out the competition, reach out to their followers. Posting content should include hashtags that your competitors are using.

3. Use Partnerships

Use Instagram influencer marketing to get your name out there. Decide on your budget and reach out to Instagram influencers to promote your product depending on your budget.

Keep in mind that the more followers someone has, the higher their price tag will be. You can also use Instagram ads to target your audience.

4. Use Canva

Did you know that the human brain can identify an image in as little as 13 milliseconds? There are at least 65% of people in this world who are visual learners, keep this in mind as you’re building your brand.

Use Canva to have pictures that appeal to your audience. Whether you use the paid or free option, there are plenty of options with Canva. You can even decide on a color palette you’d like to use across your page, and stick to it.

5. Reach Out To Your Current Followers

If you have an email list, send out an email letting them know about your new Instagram, and to follow it. Make sure to post on your other social media accounts as well, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

6. What Time Is Your Audience Online?

Avoid posting content when your audience is asleep. Think about your target audience, and when they’re most likely to be online.

When are they off work? What time are they relaxing? Do they work?

You’ll find that most audiences tend to be online at 9:00 am EST when the East Coast is heading into work, between noon-2 pm EST (lunchtime), and Sunday evening.

7. Engaging Content

Avoid posting multiple times about one event. This will bore your audience, and you can lose followers this way.

Not sure what to post? Check out National Geographic who has 11 million followers, Adidas who has 23.9 million followers, and Chanel who has 35.4 million followers. Keep in mind that Instagram has enormous potential considering it’s worth $100 billion.

8. Use Hashtags

Marketing on Instagram includes incorporating hashtags. You’ll want to use at least 11-15 per post, but you can use up to 30.

Check out your competitors, influencers, and popular brands to see what hashtags are trending. You can even create your own hashtags as well for unique results.

Once using strong hashtags, we recommend saving them for future posts as well. Keep track of brand keyword hashtags you create, along with product categories and location-specific hashtags. Hashtags should be in your Instagram stories as well.

9. Live Stream

Since people are visual learners, use Instagram live. If someone happens upon your video and they like what you’re saying, it’s a way to build trust with that person.

Live stream on Instagram doesn’t save after going live. At the same time, it’ll create a rush for people to realize they have to act on the offer before it’s gone.

Instagram video allows you to save your video and share it with your audience. It’s shorter videos but they’ll save onto your newsfeed.

10. Post Often

While it might seem time-consuming, it’ll help build your brand on Instagram by posting at least a few times a week. If you’re looking to become an Instagram influencer, you’ll want to post daily.

11. Active on Instagram

Be active on Instagram. Make sure that you like others’ photos, follow other people, comment on other profiles. For example, go to someone’s page and like a couple of their photos and comment on one.

You can start following them, and they’re more likely to follow you back when you stand out. Avoid using Instagram bots.

12. Reuse Strong Content

An alternative to branded hashtags is reusing strong content from other accounts. Reach out to other pages, and ask for permission to reuse photos. If they agree, ask them to email the photo to you to ensure the quality stays.

13. Have Stories in Highlights

Make sure that you use the Highlights feature on your Instagram account. This is a great way to organize your Instagram stories. It’ll encourage the viewer to follow you for more high-quality content.

Exploring How To Build a Brand on Instagram

Now that you’ve explored the top tips for how to build a brand on Instagram, you should be well on your way to a more appealing and higher-traffic site. Are you ready to build your social media strategy but aren’t sure how?

Ready to take your strategy to the next level and watch higher conversions occur? Contact us today and we’ll come up with an action plan that’s specific to your needs for your business.