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Social Media Growth Services: 5 Reasons Your Business Needs One

By January 14, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

social media growth service

Nearly 80% of small business owners suggest that their financial situation is at least good. However, only 54% plan to increase their marketing efforts including their social media presence. On the other hand Nearly three-fourths of marketers recognize the impact of social media marketing on small business. While knowledge of social media impact has driven many businesses to include social platforms in their current marketing strategies, others are falling behind. 

Social media growth service providers exist to meet the demand of the savvy business owners who recognize the importance of social media as well as those who may recognize the value but are not quite sure how to integrate into their organizational strategy. Reliable agencies understand the benefits of social media in a comprehensive marketing plan. 

Read on to discover how your business gains from a growth service focused on social media.

1. Social Media is a Key Component to a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Strong marketing strategies include a variety of techniques. Based on company offerings, you may prioritize email marketing or the ever-reliable content marketing strategy. Whatever your current strategy, cross-channel marketing with social media is a game changer.

Comprehensive marketing uses the best marketing channels available for your business. Social media offers you the ability to guide your customer’s journey from lead to sale with the right campaign.

It’s  important to note that current data on clients shift from a week or month-old to real-time. Notwithstanding a chosen social media growth service, you can set parameters on how current you want your data to be and what you want it to reflect. 

The more data you gather via social media campaigns, the better your lead quality. Your competitors recognize this value; in fact, over 90% of retailers use two or more social media channels to diversify their incoming data.

Ultimately, inclusive marketing strategies capitalize on better targeting with data-driven campaigns. Using the right social media growth service, you’ll market in ways you never have before.

2. Social Media Marketing Nurtures Leads

Lead generation varies significantly across channels, strategies, and magnets. Moreover, lead types vary by market, product, and sales. 

In most marketing circumstances, qualification and management of leads require expertise. Each company needs different lead types for different campaigns. Having the ability to differentiate between cold and warm leads is easier with social media marketing data analysis.

Regardless of your lead generation strategy, a social media growth service boosts the number of qualified leads while offering you opportunities to convert your leads into sales.

Nurturing leads also offers a myriad of benefits (aside from more revenue). Key performance indicators such as ROI and increased brand awareness will hit their marks more often through the metrics offered by a social media growth service..

3. Leverage Social Media for Brand Awareness 

Surprisingly, over a third of brand managers prioritize awareness over lead generation. However, prioritizing awareness is, in part, due its ability to generate qualified leads due to  increased recognition. If you think about it…it makes sense, you need awareness before a person is willing to give you their email address, phone number, or more importantly—pay you.

Simply put, the more visible your brand is online, the more organic traffic you receive. While some marketers will argue on behalf of PPC strategies for brand awareness, organic leads are generally cheaper and more qualified. Organic interest reflects actual interest based on several factors.

A social media growth service will boost brand awareness by putting your business in new spaces. Campaigns sourced from user data will offer personalization and hyper-targeting. Accordingly, enhanced targeting will reveal new niches in your market, which will create opportunities for campaign pivots and overall growth. In the end, capitalizing on social media for brands creates paths for innovation and expanded digital reach.

Furthermore, SEO and content strategies align with social platforms. Repurposing content from content marketing and keyword research will elevate brand recognition even further. Quality growth service agencies understand that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy includes each of the aforementioned digital opportunities.

4. Stay Scalable and Sustainable via Social Media

Unfortunately, sustainable marketing campaigns are rare. Most marketing funnels work for limited customer journeys but only achieve limited results and growth. Such limitations consume precious time and energy for marketers.

Conversely, social media marketing provides an opportunity to solve such problems. Developing iIdeal customer profiles will help your business to stay current, and they’re easily updated with real-time user data. 

Ordinarily, scalable, adaptive campaigns rely on current data. Social media growth services use social platforms to collect invaluable data including new micro-segments that emerge when user trends appear.

Sustainable social media campaigns need short and long-term attention that the top social media growth services will understand. Understanding user trends takes time, while trending hashtags are great tools for repeatable short-term campaigns. Ultimately, the right growth agency will understand how and when to integrate the various forms of social media campaigns into an organizational marketing strategy.

5. Resolve the In-House vs. Agency Debate

One of the biggest concerns for small businesses and social media marketing is responsibility. Who takes the reins for a marketing campaign when a business owner knows their brand better? Passing on trust and expectation to a social media growth service is difficult.

In-house content creation is valuable but can limit campaigns. Alternatively, working with a social media growth service creates space for a new interpretation and increased creativity. Outside perspectives can build on in-house ideas and innovation.

Relying on internal employees alone, avoiding outside voices can limit a company’s reach. Furthermore, connecting with long-term customers proves difficult for business leaders who have to “do everything.” Turning to an external agency invites expertise your business may lack.

Finding new leads and expanding brand awareness requires industry knowledge. If you lack the time or skill to analyze user data, you miss out on priceless leads. Missed leads mean missed sales and less revenue generation.

Despite potential wariness with going outside of the inner circle, in-house marketing limits the majority of most businesses. Integrating a quality social media growth service into your organizational strategy will invite the potential for substantial growth for your company. If you’re unsure, reach out to us, we’ll listen to your needs then help you decide whether to keep your social media activities in-house or to hire externally.

Finding a Quality Social Media Growth Service

With your newfound knowledge of social media benefits, it’s time to find a quality agency. Hiring a social media growth service depends on your company goals. How much do you want to nurture leads and leverage current customers?

Turn to VujaDay Creative Digital Agency for your social media marketing expertise. We understand how to integrate social into existing strategies for effective multichannel impact.

Let’s build something meaningful for your business and reinvent your understanding of social media. Let’s talk about growing your business together.