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The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

By April 7, 2020November 20th, 2023One Comment

digital marketing agency philadelphia officeAre you getting lost in the online competition? Are you experiencing growing pains with your marketing initiatives? All small business owners have been there—what separates successful business from those that fail are the relationships you build and the processes put in place to grow. We can help. Let’s look into expert tips straight from our digital marketing agency in Philadelphia. 

Have a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy 

Is your current strategy lacking or nonexistent? To truly excel in marketing you need to have a solid strategy. Let’s look into a sampling of what goes into developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy. 

Identify Your Target Market

How do you do this? 

Start by evaluating your current customer base. Who are they and why did they purchase from you? Surveying your customers offer such insights that you can use to pinpoint your market and thus focus your marketing efforts.

Once you know your target market you’ll need to identify your buyer personas. These personas are avatars of your ideal customer that give you the knowledge needed to personalize your marketing efforts toward your ideal buyers. 

Advertise on Facebook

As a small business, you should be leveraging social media marketing channels including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get your message to prospects and broaden your reach. 

Our work with clients such as Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Delaware, & Susquehanna Valley prove that Facebook and Instagram are highly effective channels to reach your audience. Such online mediums allow you to become hyper-targeted by narrowly defining your audience. 

Tracking pixels enable you to target your prospects by showing them products they’d be most interested in. Have you ever gone online to view a product or service, then find that your Facebook feed is flooded by ads from that company or their competitors? Facebook Ad Manager allows you to put what you’re selling in front of those interested in your product or service by simplifying the way you manage and handle your advertising campaigns. 

Blog Regularly 

Blogging drives traffic to your site while helping to generate new leads for your business. Meanwhile, blogging helps boost SEO. Posting regular, high-quality content on your blog helps you rank higher in search engines over time. To stay on top of your blogging, it helps to build out topic clusters along with an editorial calendar to guide you and keep you on track while allowing you to measure the success of your content. 

Generate Brand Awareness

How well do people know your business? Brand awareness refers to how well people recognize and remember your company. Think about Target, McDonalds or Starbucks. They’re recognizable at a glance, simply by their logos. 

You can achieve this level of brand awareness as well within your unique market. To build brand awareness, stay consistent with your brand look and feel—colors, logo, and messaging should be consistent throughout all marketing channels. 

Creative Web design will help you establish your style and build your Web presence

Use social media platforms like Facebook to create a community that you can engage with on a daily basis.

By establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche, you’ll gain trust toward becoming an authoritative figure in your industry. Those who you resonate with will share your content with their audience, widening your reach and helping to bring more visibility to your brand. 

Contact our Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia 

These are just a few areas that the VujaDay Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia can help you with. We’ll guide you through each step—helping you define all aspects of your digital strategy, from identifying your target market to building brand awareness.

We’re in this together!

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get started with a free digital assessment.