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Local SEO for Real Estate Agents: A Step-By-Step Guide

By July 23, 2020November 20th, 2023One Comment

local SEO for real estate agents

Real estate marketing can be difficult to navigate, especially within market turbulence such as low inventory and economic impacts.

One of the best tactics to invest in is local SEO for real estate agents, which can help you gain sustained visibility online. If you can boost your rankings to the first page of Google search results, you’re virtually guaranteed to bring in more leads.

Focusing on SEO can future-proof your agency from some market volatility by positioning you as a leader in your market. Use our local SEO tips to get started today.

1. Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Through other search engines exist, there’s no denying that Google holds most of the power. Your Google My Business listing can end up making or breaking your local SEO.

First, make sure your physical address is up to date. As long as Google knows where your business is located, it’s more likely to show your website to people searching in that market.

Think about all the ways your potential clients might want to interact with you and make your updates from there. Chances are, they’ll want to see photos of your current inventory and be able to set up an initial appointment. Updating your listing might also include adding new real estate photos and incorporating an appointment link.

2. Create Niche Content for Your Market

Another crucial pillar of SEO includes content creation. Your content might include blog articles, videos, podcasts or more. Through your content, you can deliver information to current and potential clients to show that you understand your local real estate market.

Local-optimized content can help you source new real estate leads. Potential clients might be searching for data about crime statistics in local neighborhoods or current mortgage rates. If you can include these resources on your site, customers will continue to turn to you for your expertise.

3. Ask for Client Testimonials

Client testimonials help signal your authority to leads and search engines. Real estate SEO relies on reviews since it’s a completely customer-facing industry. The more good reviews you collect in your area, the more it helps boost your visibility online.

4. Improve Your Local Citations

In real estate, it can be difficult to rank number one for generic keywords like “local real estate agents.” Nationwide citation websites have more resources to be able to rank for these keywords.

Though you might not be able to outrank them, you can join them. Make sure your real estate business is listed on citation sites so customers can find you through a variety of sites.

Citations also help your SEO by building your backlinks, which Google uses as a signal to boost your rankings.

Get Help With Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

Local SEO for real estate agents can provide long-term results that are more cost-effective than other marketing or advertising tactics. However, SEO takes continuous work and up-front setup.

We know your time is precious, and you should be focusing mostly on your client relationship. At Vujaday Digital, we provide local SEO services to optimize your digital presence and gain new leads.