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What Is SEO Lead Generation & How Does It Help Attract New Business?

By August 16, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

seo lead generationCurrently, the top three search engine results earn 60% of clicks. This means we cannot overvalue optimizing a website’s search engine performance. Not only does increased website traffic improve brand awareness, it also leads directly to additional leads and revenue.

A host of optimization strategies exist that aim to expand a business’s customer base. We refer to these strategies as SEO lead generation techniques.

Keep reading as we explore the key methods of attracting new business via search engine optimization.

What Is SEO Lead Generation?

Let’s begin with a quick overview of what we mean by SEO lead generation. SEO and lead generation are two distinct, but overlapping, marketing concepts. SEO, standing for search engine optimization, is a wide range of practices that aim to improve a website’s search engine rankings.

Benefits of SEO include better web traffic, brand awareness, and consideration. Ultimately, these lead to increased revenue. Due to the fact that Google is the market leader for search engines, we will concentrate on understanding Google’s algorithm.

Meanwhile, lead generation is the process of acquiring details about potential customers. Accordingly, SEO and lead generation go hand in hand as part of a business’s digital strategy. There are both direct and indirect ways that SEO strategies support lead generation, some of which we will uncover in this article.

Complete a Website Audit

First, one of the most important SEO lead generation techniques is website audits. These belong to the sub-category of SEO known as technical SEO. They are a rudimentary method of ensuring all pages of a business’s website are performing well.

Removing broken links, missing meta descriptions, and duplicate content will all assist an SEO campaign. Each of these forms part of Google’s hundreds of ranking factors, which determine search engine rankings. Thus, by targeting technical SEO improvements, businesses will benefit from increased search engine visibility and more web traffic.

Additionally, a website audit will also improve lead generation in a more direct manner. By ensuring the smooth functioning and usability of a website, potential customers will be more likely to spend time browsing. They will also form a more favorable opinion of that site.

Keyword Research Is Crucial

Next, any business owner who has read up on SEO techniques will already be aware of the importance of keyword research. Recognizing the relevance of keyword research to lead generation may be less apparent, however.

Keyword research has no value unless it is undertaken with buying personas in mind. A business might find and incorporate various keywords that they presume are helpful. Yet, unless these overlap with the search terms of in-market browsers, it provides little value.

Crucially, a business must consider all stages of the digital marketing funnel when carrying out research. Brands can then generate website content around search terms that occur throughout the sales process.

Develop a Content Strategy

Delving a little deeper into what a business’s content strategy might look like, let’s discuss how to create killer content for websites. It’s worth remembering the content, in the form of both articles and videos, is a significant facet of SEO, in addition to increasing brand trustworthiness. 

In this way, content strategies are also relevant to any lead generation discussions.

One of the downsides of SEO is that it is difficult to obtain immediate results. This is one of the many reasons why a search engine strategy should encompass both organic and paid results.

The key to a successful content strategy is to develop a constant stream of content publication. Utilize a content calendar to plan upcoming article and video releases.

Regularly sharing useful content has a significant impact. Businesses can increase their chances of subscriptions or completed forms to access bonus content.

Invest in Backlinking

Finally, backlinking forms an integral part of SEO lead generation. Backlinking, or links from other websites, helps Google’s crawlers to come across websites. Sites cannot rank highly in search engine results if Google is not aware that they exist.

Moreover, backlinks are also beneficial for lead generation. When a website includes a link to another business’s site on its page, this is effectively an endorsement. A greater number of backlinks increases the chances of potential customers navigating to that site. Importantly, they have the approval of the initial website.

More authoritative websites will lead to more valuable backlinks in terms of SEO ranking. It’s also worth remembering that Google penalizes websites that appear to have paid for links, so this should be avoided.

SEO Lead Generation Best Practices

By finishing with a few smart marketing techniques, business owners can adhere to SEO and lead generation best practices. Bear these pointers in mind when developing a digital marketing strategy:

  • Quality over quantity is the golden rule of keyword usage within articles
  • Update sitemaps regularly and ensure website design optimization
  • Pay attention to page loading speeds for both SEO and user experience
  • Focus on evergreen website content that will remain relevant to potential customers in the long term

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Take the Next Steps in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We’ve now covered the key areas of SEO lead generation. Business owners should be well-placed to begin their search engine strategies. It will soon become clear that the different elements of digital marketing are congruent. Web traffic, search engine rankings, and lead generation have a symbiotic relationship.

Our skilled team at VujaDay can help you to develop and maintain a comprehensive SEO strategy. As a full-service marketing agency, we can also manage your web design, content marketing, and social media marketing needs. Get in touch today to learn more about how our experienced marketers can assist you.