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7 Benefits of a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business

By June 21, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

LinkedIn marketing strategyYou may have already considered using social media to advertise for your business, but have you considered using LinkedIn?

Creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy can be an incredible way to boost your business while reaching high-quality contacts. For example, do you know that LinkedIn has over 690 million users? Moreover, these are professionals who are uniquely available through the platform with a significant amount of  professional and personal information shared.

If you want your business to succeed and thrive, advertising on LinkedIn is a must. Keep reading as we outline 7 benefits to creating an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy below.

1. It’s Incredibly Effective

Marketing through social media platforms can be expensive, time-consuming, and often lacking in results. However, a LinkedIn marketing strategy involves an audience full of professionals who are willing to yield more of their personal information to the networking site.

With this information readily available, businesses have the benefits of targeting individuals with hyper-focused results. You can target by profession, education, location, location, and an exquisite number of other factors that make LinkedIn’s ad service significantly more attractive than other social media platforms.

2. The Stats Speak for Themselves

LinkedIn boasts incredible statistics when it comes to engagements, quality of leads, ROI on Lead Generation, etc.

For example, 4 out of 5 members on LinkedIn drive buying decisions within their company. With that level of influence, marketing with LinkedIn is far more effective than traditional methods as you can gain direct access to the individuals for whom you are trying to sell to.

In fact, 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn as part of their digital marketing strategy to promote organic social marketing.

LinkedIn is clearly where professionals conduct their business, so it is time to join in.

3. Create LinkedIn Articles/Content

Networking with LinkedIn is obviously one of the central purposes of the platform. Consequently, you need to know how to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Being active on the platform is essential for getting your content seen organically and growing your network. All of which increases your success when it comes to paying for advertisements.

However, if you find posting and commenting tedious, there are alternative options for how you can contribute to the platform and network more efficiently.

Creating content can be challenging, especially content of a high caliber that will be shared far and wide. Perhaps a simpler and more fundamental approach is writing LinkedIn articles.

These articles allow you to write significantly more on a topic than the average post limit across other social media platforms. By providing quality content, you are more readily recognized as a thought leader and expert in the fields in which you contribute.

4. LinkedIn Ads: How Do They Work?

In total, there are nine different methods for ad delivery to consider for your LinkedIn marketing strategy. From slideshows, to direct InMail, to featured posts, and more.

Whatever it is that you require from your marketing and advertising, there are options to fit your needs.

Furthermore, the customizability only begins at the range of methods you can have your campaign displayed in. There are numerous ways to target and retarget audiences to achieve the best results.

With all of the information from the 690 million-plus users at hand, LinkedIn is able to provide a variety of options for you to choose from. Beyond this, LinkedIn also ensures you get the best results by directing the campaign only to users who have been active recently or consistently so your money isn’t wasted.

5. Extensive Analytics

Analytics on any platform requires some careful study; however, LinkedIn’s analytics are very neatly laid out in order for you to see the performance and results of your campaigns.

Filter your results by money spent, impressions, clicks on a post, and click-through rates allowing you to glean a detailed understanding at a glance.

6. Campaigns to Fit Your Budget

With a LinkedIn marketing strategy, budgeting is extraordinarily simple. There is a minimum ad spend of $2 per day, but this is inexpensive in terms of social media marketing.

In addition, you are able to select whether you would prefer the ad to cost per click or per impression. Meaning, if you choose per click, you will only be charged for the actual interactions and engagements a post receives. And if you prefer, you can post the ad geared towards impressions and be charged per view instead.

With simplistic and extremely beneficial ad costs processed in this way, you can be sure that whatever you want to achieve will have the best opportunities to succeed.

7. The Future of Advertising

Social media marketing has resulted in a significant shift in the way that marketing is conducted and the way B2B services interact with each other.

Whether you have worked with platforms such as Facebook for your advertising in the past or you are a novice, there are plenty of options available. Take some time to research which options will work best for your digital marketing plan. There is plenty of other information available on this website.

Creating a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

From the details outlined in this article, it is apparent that the latest LinkedIn features around marketing and the results that can be achieved are of the highest quality.

The aid of a professional social media growth service within the content marketing space can make a significant difference to your short-term and long-term results as they will help you set out a plan that will be tailored to your business and help you utilize the services that will help you grow most.

For more on the importance and effectiveness of a content marketing consultant who can help you to develop your LinkedIn marketing strategy, read the article here.