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7 Tips on Building a TikTok Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

By May 26, 2021November 20th, 20234 Comments

TikTok marketing strategy

TikTok seems to have come out of nowhere, yet depending on your organizational goals may now be one of the most influential platforms for growing your brand.

In fact, over 35% of marketers now say they plan to implement a TikTok marketing strategy.

That number is only going to rise, so if you’re considering integrating TikTok into your social media marketing strategy, you’re one of the early adopters.

Continue reading to learn about various ideas to improve your TikTok marketing strategy today.

TikTok Marketing Strategy #1. Brand Sponsorships

If you live within 20 miles of a Dunkin Donuts, there’s you may have seen the advertising campaigns for the “Charli Cold Foam.” This was a major TikTok success.

Charli is a TikTok legend who made a brand sponsorship deal with Dunkin after posting on the platform about how she takes her cold brew coffee in the morning. The campaign went viral, becoming a huge win for all parties involved.

Ultimately, given the simplicity of the platform, TikTok’s can go viral for anything. Accordingly, creators with large followings have a better chance of going viral so it may be in your best interest to reach out to popular TikTok creators to see if you can collaborate with them.

2. Direct Advertisements

If you’re a TikTok user, you know that immediately after viewing the logo, the first thing you’re likely to see is an advertisement. 

Paid Ads have become a critical element to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy—TikTok  is no exception. However, the cost to create ads on Tik Tok is often significantly cheaper than some ifs counterparts i.e Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and others. 

TikTok is a platform with over 100 million active users, making it a very advertiser-friendly platform. This is especially true for brands trying to reach a young demographic or target audience.

TikTok marketing ads are CPM, which is the cost for every 1,000 views. Starting at only $10, TikTok ads are extremely affordable if you’re connecting with the right audience for your business.

3. Hashtags

There are many ways that social media has changed marketing—hashtags have become one of the most powerful tools to connect with large audiences.

Using hashtags, you can follow the trends of the day and even attempt to start your own trend to build your audience. If you go with what’s already trending, you may reach new people interested in your brand that may not have known that you even existed.

For example, if you own a coffee shop and there’s a hashtag about your favorite baked goods, there’s a perfect opportunity to market something from your dessert menu.

4. Create a TikTok Pro Account

Similar to the blue checkmark on Twitter, the TikTok pro account is the status symbol every serious brand desires.

The platform provides these types of accounts with special features, advertisements, analytics, and more. As more and more users start to use TikTok, the pro account is one to consider for  any business.

5. Simple Optimization

Millennials and Gen Z folks can spot a legitimate business profile from a mile away. Their eyes inherently know what to look for.

A few simple adjustments to your profile will make a huge difference.

Profile Picture

Ensure your profile picture is simple, clean-looking, and business-like. Images give a much greater impression than text, and it will be the first thing the public sees.

When you look at a new account, the picture stands out more than the bio or the handle, so take this seriously. Don’t do anything hard to see or understand right away.

Remember, most people won’t see the big picture, only a zoomed-out version at the top of your profile. Take that into account and choose wisely. A simple logo is often perfect.


Your bio should be short, sweet, and to the point—nothing else. The quickest possible information that you can give about your brand is perfect for this section.

You can even add emojis if you like, but choose relevant ones if possible. This part isn’t necessary, but the imagery can help the appeal of your profile aesthetic—don’t overthink it.


Since you don’t want to put too much into your bio, links are a great way to give any extra information and maybe even make a few sales while you’re at it.

You can throw a simple link to your company website at the end of your bio (on a separate line), and people will be redirected to get more information about your product or service if you’re able to “wow” them enough at first.

6. Videos, Videos, Videos

What is TikTok marketing streaky and what does it involve? To summarize, It’s a short video-streaming platform. Therefore, videos are a must. When making TikTok videos, you want them to be trendy but relevant to your brand whenever possible.

Users will not be drawn to overly commercialized videos, as they’ll feel like they’re just watching an ad. Try to make clever, enjoyable content that is professional and brand-friendly.

For example: if you’re running a landscaping company, put a short video out of an excavator fail and then a quick message about hiring professionals at the end. This message should only be a couple of seconds. Again, let the viewers enjoy the content. This is what a TikTok marketing strategy is all about.

7. Be Consistent

It’s probably not a good idea to attempt to put your account in front of every trend possible as they come and go. You may end up alienating your existing followers. Have you ever unfollowed someone because they post too often about things you don’t care about? 

On the other hand, it is still best to add videos and comments whenever possible. Adding comments on people’s posts is a great way to both build relationships and humanize your brand.

Ultimately, a general rule of thumb for all social media marketing activities is to be consistent. Don’t take a month off, then post 10 days in a row, several times a day. Develop a good pattern—your followers will appreciate it.

Build Your TikTok Empire

Now that you have actionable ideas for your TikTok marketing strategy, build or make adjustments to your profile, post humorous comments, and shoot great content!

If you’re looking to expand your digital marketing strategy, check out some helpful info on Google & Faceboo Ads to get your sales booming!