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Is SEO Worth Paying for? 7 Reasons Why It’s an Essential Investment

By March 31, 2021November 20th, 20233 Comments

is seo worth paying forSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a range of strategies businesses can employ to improve their rankings in search results, such as Google or Bing. There are far-reaching consequences of this greater visibility in search results, including increased brand awareness and the generation of leads.

Yet, the results of SEO strategies cannot be witnessed overnight. This can lead business owners to question is SEO worth paying for?

In this article, we’ll explore why investing in SEO is not optional for businesses in 2021 and onwards, due to the wide-ranging and tangible benefits it confers.

1. SEO Offers a Valuable ROI

When considering the ROI of SEO, we need to take a look at two aspects: investments and returns. Regarding the outgoing costs, business owners might be wondering how do you pay for SEO?

It is possible to manage SEO strategies in-house, but digital marketing agencies such as VujaDay are able to provide high-quality services at great value for money. For example, we can assist businesses thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Philadelphia area paired with our search engine algorithm expertise.

By entrusting SEO needs to an agency, business owners can leave digital marketing intricacies to the experts, while they focus on blue-sky thinking.

In terms of the returns generated by SEO, this can be judged by:

  • An increase in search engine traffic
  • Conversions related to the SEO campaign
  • Social media referrals

In the marketing industry, it is notoriously difficult to calculate the ROI of SEO strategies. But, this report estimates that paid and organic search can account for 70% of revenue for B2B businesses.

2. SEO Generates Leads

One of the most important ways SEO is a valuable digital marketing strategy is due to lead generation. Google processes approximately 4 billion search requests per day. If a business is visible in these search results, they have the opportunity to convert a visitor into a customer.

There are several different SEO techniques that improve a business’s search engine ranking. These include content creation, strategic keyword placement, and technical SEO strategies. Technical SEO refers to optimizing a website’s metadata for high search engine result rankings. Our SEO experts at VujaDay use their knowledge of Google’s algorithm to maximize a business’s visibility in search engine results.

There is a clear correlation between these strategies and increased web traffic, and thus, lead generation.

3. SEO Provides New Sources of Revenue

Business owners often ask “is paying for SEO worth it?” and “do you have to pay for SEO?”. We like to refer them to the increased revenue made possible by SEO techniques. When a user makes a search request for a product or service, the vast majority of the time, they have not already decided on a brand.

This means their business is up for grabs, and whichever brand is visible in the search results is in with a shot of obtaining their patronage.

Of course, appearing in search results will not guarantee that a visitor becomes a customer. An excellent web design in addition to other crucial factors is necessary for gaining conversions.

4. SEO Increases Brand Awareness

Thanks to the creation of dynamic and informative content, SEO strategies allow businesses to position themselves are industry experts. Extensive keyword research conducted by our team will reveal the key questions asked in search engines that relate to a particular field.

Long-form content and the use of video adds value to a brand’s online profile. By answering the predominant concerns of potential customers, businesses appear knowledgeable. More importantly, they give the impression of being genuinely helpful.

As a result of meeting a visitor’s needs with their evergreen content, the brand will then be introduced and considered for future purchases by a previously unknown audience.

5. Local SEO Attracts Ready-to-Buy Customers

Local SEO is a must-have strategy for all businesses, regardless of whether they have a brick-and-mortar store. It refers to techniques that increase the search results rankings for queries with a local component.

For example, this could be “shoe shops near me”, or “restaurants open now”.

Business owners sometimes wonder is it worth paying for directory listings for SEO? Our team would argue that these costs are better directed elsewhere. This includes responding to both positive and negative reviews via Google My Business.

By focusing on accurate business listings on Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other platforms, businesses can connect with customers in the local area, looking for a product or service in real-time.

6. Organic SEO Drives Brand Consideration

Another key genre of SEO strategies is organic SEO. Some of the techniques for organic SEO have already been discussed in this article, such as website content that matches keyword queries.

There are also several other important techniques such as link building and the use of meta-tags.

Organic SEO should be championed by businesses that do not focus on their physical location. It is often the largest source of website traffic and is a relatively cheap method of marketing.

Yet, a combination of both local and organic SEO strategies is key if a business has a physical location.

7. PPC as a Complement to SEO

While SEO determines the organic search results, it is also worth considering the paid results. These appear at the top of a results page and can be a highly profitable source of revenue.

PPC means that businesses only pay when a visitor has navigated to the brand’s website thanks to the search engine advert. These visitors are ready to buy, thus PPC advertising offers a significant conversion rate.

The combination of SEO techniques and PPC strategies a business opts for will depend on its business model and goals. At VujaDay, we can help businesses determine which digital marketing strategies will prove most profitable and help businesses to attain their OKRs.

It’s Time to Decide: Is SEO Worth Paying For?

Having introduced several facets of SEO, we can answer the question “is SEO worth paying for?” with a resounding “yes”. By not utilizing on-site and off-site SEO techniques, businesses risk diminishing their online presence to the advantage of their competitors.

Local SEO strategies cannot be underestimated in regard to their ability to generate new leads online and drive customers to brick-and-mortar stores. Many businesses will also profit from organic and PPC strategies in addition to this.

Allow our specialist team at VujaDay to analyze your business and its SEO needs. For our assistance in implementing a comprehensive SEO campaign, reach out to us today.