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How to Create a Stronger Online Presence Through Local SEO Solutions

By January 21, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments

local SEO solutions

Did you know that nearly one in three local searches result in an online purchase?

According to Google, local search terms have had a recent yearly increase of 136%. Furthermore, seventy-six percent of smartphone users searching for local businesses end up visiting within a day.

This raises an important question for your company: how can you take advantage of the growing demand for local search?

This article examines three types of local SEO solutions. Each of which aims to benefit both your digital and brick-and-mortar store.

In reading this post, you’ll learn how to claim and enhance your Google My Business listing, how to best optimize your website for local search, and out how to advertise on local directories and blogs.

Read on to discover the best local SEO tools available. Then, take advantage of them to attract targeted traffic and enhance your online branding.

What Is Local SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO helps your website rise up the results for certain keywords or phrases. Consequently, local SEO relates to geographical keywords like ‘near me’ or a location name.

For example, Google search ‘restaurants in Philadelphia PA’.

Matching results display a list of local businesses in the Philly region. New panels appear on the results screen including a map and scrollable directory list.

Therefore, a local search adds value for the user by presenting localized results in multiple formats.

Potential customers can access a local company through traditional organic listings, PPC ads, or they can select a business presented visually on Google Maps. In this article we are going to concentrate on local search listings, but feel free to learn more about organic SEO vs. PPC here.

With regards to better position yourselves in local searches, the question is, how do you add your business details to promote your brand through local SEO services?

How Can Local SEO Solutions Help Your Business?

Almost half of Google searches look for local information on a mobile device.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile then you’re missing out on a $1.4 trillion market share of sales. Moreover, if your business hasn’t claimed its Google My Business listing then your details won’t get promoted as they should.

To combat these issues, we’ve highlighted three local search strategies to promote your online presence and your offline store. What’s more, many are free and simple to set-up and use.

1. Google My Business Local SEO Tools

Google My Business (GMB) is an all-in-one tool that promotes your business on Google’s network.

At its most basic, GMB lets you add your business name, address, phone numbers, and website (NAP+W). After verification, your listing will go live and appear throughout Google’s directories.

Claiming your listing costs nothing. Simply visit the link above, sign in with your Google account, and edit your profile.

The goal is to join the ‘elite’ Google Maps featured spot, also known as the Google three-pack.

Google Three-Pack

The Google three-pack displays the top three local businesses that match a search phrase within Google Maps.

Results appear within the Google search page at the top of the screen. They showcase your location, opening hours, star reviews, and a short description.

GMB also promotes your business by displaying a photograph of your store or logo.

You can upload several pictures and include a link to a YouTube video to market yourself more effectively. All information remains editable which enables you to add new content and keep your listing fresh.

An option to consider if Google certifies you as a local service provider is to offer Google Local Service Ads. This is a largely untapped paid option that has the potential to yield a high ROI because it’s pay per lead as opposed to pay per click.

Customer Reviews

Within the the three-pack, your main My Business listing gives you the opportunity to share customer reviews.

Your previous patrons can use the Google Reviews system to submit their thoughts on your products and services. The star system averages out to give you a total rating.

Customer can also share their own experiences by uploading photographs.

The end result is a sense of community and trust that will help drive more traffic to your site.

Questions and Answers

Even if your website hosts a FAQs page, use GMB to answer queries directly from your profile.

Popular posted questions include:

  • Whether or not there is a pick-up service
  • If the menu or service list is up-to-date
  • If COVID-19 has impacted opening hours

Moreover, customers can also add their own questions and answers. Similar to reviews, this adds legitimacy to your service offerings.

GMB Insights

The Insights local marketing tools offer full analytics of your GMB listing.

You can track who has contacted you from the results page and what they searched for. The service lets you view your customers’ actions, including direction requests.

Use Insights to measure your profile’s effectiveness. It even lets you see how many phone calls were made over a given period.

2. Local SEO Strategies for Your Online Presence

Ensuring your website is optimized for local search is critical to boosting local visitor numbers. If Google sees no effort to promote local marketing don’t expect to appear in the three-pack, let along in the top spot!

With that in mind, here are two local optimization tips to build your local marketing profile and rank well, locally on Google.

Create a Dedicated Contact Page

Make sure to include a separate contact page on your website, not just text on your footer.

Google will promote this page for local searches if it includes:

  • Your full address details
  • An interactive Google Map
  • ‘Clickable’ phone numbers

Not only will this page rank high for location-based keywords but it’s an essential reference for customers to bookmark.

Build a Local SEO Services Schema

A schema describes the content on your website. It assists Google to better crawl your pages which is especially important for local search.

Google uses the LocalBusiness Schema format. This determines factors like opening hours and accepted currencies.

The scheme a technical document but one that’s worth the time to create.

3. Local Marketing Through Directories

Although traditional paper-based directories are dying in 2021, don’t discount their online equivalents.

Therefore, ensure your business is listed on local online directories that best match your industry type. That could include Yelp for restaurants, or Trip Advisor for hotels.

Don’t forget to create multiple listings if you have more than one location.

Local Blogs

Local blogs in your area also act as a gateway for local searches.

One way to take advantage of these is to write guest posts that link to your site. Backlinking is time-consuming, yet creating guest articles will benefit you in the long run.

Alternatively, hire a local SEO solutions provider like VujaDay Creative Digital Agency!

We’re dedicated to writing optimized content to build your online brand. And we know how best to build backlinks on local blogs that work.

VujaDay Creative Digital Agency Is Your Local SEO Solutions Provider

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VujaDay provides local SEO solutions to small businesses just like yours in and around the Philadelphia area.

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Our content marketing services work in tandem with our social media presence products. Both aim to bring you new traffic that converts.

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