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The Importance of Local SEO Plans for Businesses in 2022

By January 4, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

local SEO plansGoogle makes regular updates every year to its SEO algorithm. It is estimated that Google makes up to 600 updates a year. Unfortunately, keeping up with these updates is a daunting task for business owners.

Still, local SEO plans are essential to the success of small businesses. While the constant revisions can wear on business owners and marketers, especially since the algorithm Google uses is complex and overwhelming, this guide will help you craft an effective local SEO strategy. 

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Businesses have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to SEO including organic SEO, PPC, and Local SEO. Organic SEO focuses on visitor volume and increasing page rankings on a global scale by creating organic traffic with targeted keywords, excellent content creation, and quality backlinking.

On the contrary, local SEO strategy focuses on providing reliable information to the queries of the local consumer. Information such as hours, contact information, and location are items the local consumer generally wishes to find. Accordingly, it is imperative that all of this information is available and consistent across the web. If the information is not there or inaccurate, it is difficult for customers to find a business. 

Local SEO plans are often implemented for companies with brick-and-mortar stores and will benefit when consumers search for the phrase “near me.” Furthermore, online only business businesses also benefit from seo plans as your business will appear in multiple services areas when your Google Business Profile is optimized.. 

Regardless of the business, local SEO is an effective strategy for marketing. Since 72% of searches are aimed at local businesses, optimizing local SEO will bring in clients who are ready to buy

What Is Changing in 2022?

Knowing that SEO strategies are constantly changing, we need to be aware of the updates coming our way in 2022. Using these tools is highly beneficial for small businesses. 

Google GMB

Google recently rebranded “Google My Business” (GMB) to “Google Business Profile” (GBP). In addition to the rebranding, Google has brought several changes to the profile, making it easier for business owners to manage and optimize their listing.

Significant changes include easy setup directly from “Search” and “Maps.” In addition, a business can now verify and resolve any issues by simply Googling the name of their company.  

What Is Essential in Local SEO Plans?

Although there are similarities between organic SEO and local SEO, it is essential to note the difference. Local SEO focuses on specific signals including:


Reviews are essential for both the health of a local business as well as the SEO ranking on Google.

Customers are likely to trust a local business when it has excellent reviews. Additionally, Google’s algorithm is the same. Therefore, the algorithm will take into account the different reviews on Google and determine whether the business is a reliable business. 

Google’s primary goal is to give its visitors the best results; this usually means that the best results have the best reviews. Unfortunately, many businesses will have to deal with negative reviews for a variety of reasons; however, it is possible to get a negative review removed from Google if the review is not valid.

Businesses can benefit from giving incentives to their customer base to increase the number of reviews, as well as the quality of reviews.  

Proximity and Citations

Proximity signals are a crucial aspect of any local SEO plan. In 2016, Google introduced the Possum update. The algorithm of this update uses the customers’ location to find the best results. 

Therefore, the optimization of citations is essential for high ranking. Citations, also called NAP, are pieces of information of the targeted business on website pages that are not their own. For example, a citation on Yelp that includes the website and contact information of a business will help in SEO ranking

When citations were first introduced, the impact of optimizing NAP across the web was tremendously important. However, while still important, it is not as crucial to local SEO as it once was. Currently, it is merely a foundation of a good strategy. 


Recently, Google started using linking to find authoritative websites. Linking, both internal and external, is crucial to get a business’s name out into the World Wide Web. 

Internal links help Google index a website. However, something that is even more important is backlinking. The term backlinking means that other websites are linking back to the local website for optimization. 

This tells both Google and potential customers that the website in question is reliable and trustworthy. Additionally, it shows that the information on the website is valuable and many individuals are looking to gain either information or product from the website.

Linking has become one of the main pillars of high SEO ranking, especially in the last year. As mentioned before, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and improving.

One of the improvements implemented in 2021 was the relevance of each website to the user. Backlinks from reputable websites, as well as internal links, tell Google how the content is useful to the visitor and how it is related to the keyword. 

Google LSAs

Finally, the Google LSA, or Local Service Ads, is a tool that should be used for optimal results.

It is important to note that not all businesses will benefit from LSA. However, many of them will. Companies that provide services can book local jobs and grow their audience and customer base, and in turn, grow their business as a whole.

LSA allows a small business owner to manage leads and ad rankings and receive more reviews. 

Google LSAs are often confused with PPC, or pay per click. Although they are similar, they are different tools with different results. As the name implies, PPC means that a company pays for each time the link is clicked.

On the other hand, with LSA, the business owner only pays a fee if the ad converts into a sale. 

An Optimized Website: What Does It Look Like in 2022?

As mentioned above, SEO trends are constantly changing. However, with the right plan, a business owner can optimize their website and generate important leads for sales and services.

Google focuses on user experience, so an optimized website includes items that make for an excellent experience.

When creating SEO plans, the business owner should include items like mobile usage, page speed, quality content, and strong meta descriptions.

Some experts say that the future of SEO lies in the hands of Artificial Intelligence, meaning that SEO will rely more on algorithms and website crawlers to determine the ranking of a website. The use of AI makes the future of SEO easier for the consumer.

However, the rapid changes that are constantly in effect can bring confusion for beginners. Search engines are looking for user experience and quality content.

Therefore, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest trends; SEO optimization is rapidly changing. Are you keeping up to date?

Local SEO Plans: Start Strategizing Today

Determining the best strategies for local SEO plans is a daunting task. However, it is a crucial part of a business plan. The success of the company often lies in the hands of a good SEO strategy.

Outsourcing certain parts of a business are something that many owners choose to do. SEO optimization is usually on top of the list. 

If you require any help or advice navigating the world of SEO, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our experts are happy to build something together. Reach out today!